Saturday, January 7, 2012

TRANSITION AREA: Show Your iPad some luvin'

Just a quick post to let you know about one of my favorite new things.  Last year for Christmas my mom bought me an iPad, which I love!  I use it all the time when I travel, especially for work when I have to lug my clunky work laptop.  Having my iPad allows me to take the work laptop and still have all my personal music, movies, email, etc. taking the small, lightweight iPad instead of my own personal computer.

The only downside to the iPad was that I couldn't upload camera pics...until now.  Meet the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.  Now you can either take your camera's memory card or the camera's cord, and upload your photos to your iPad.  Why is this handy?  Well, as good as our smartphone cameras are, they really can't match our regular digital cameras, and most of them can't take good action photos.  So if you're at your kids' sporting event and want to take the great pics to upload instantly to Facebook, now you can do it with the Camera Connection Kit.  It's quick, simple, and allows you to upload the better quality pics from your camera on-the-go. It retails at Apple stores for $29.00.

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