Workouts & Training Calculators

  • Here's a great 15-minute Pilates workout.  Winter is the perfect time to bone up on your strength training and this is a quick workout that you can tailor to meet your schedule (the dog in this video cracks me up):  15-minute Pilates workout
  • Dave Scott (6-time Ironman world champion) shows his 6 favorite stretches for triathletes:
  • Paul Pfitzinger's 9-week deep water endurance running program. If you have to take a hiatus from running because of any injury, or if you just want to substitute a terra firm run each week with an aquajog, this plan is great. 
Training Calculators:
Nutrition Calculators:
  • Food Scanner/Nutrition Counter:  Two of the best apps I've found for keeping track of my nutrition are Daily Burn and My Fitness Pal,  You can download the apps on your phone or use their websites, and if you have a camera, there's a built-in scanner that lets you scan UPC codes that will automatically upload all the nutrition info.  You can also manually enter nutrition information.  My Fitness Pal also lets you record workouts and factors those calories burned into your daily caloric intake.   

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