Wednesday, December 21, 2011

THE RACE: I Believe....

During the holiday season, there's a lot of focus on "beliefs."  In what religion, if any, do you believe? Do you believe in Santa Clause? Do you believe in Christmas miracles? Obviously throughout the rest of the year, our various beliefs shape our daily thoughts and actions; but, how often do you really stop to think about what you believe in?  Could you actually sit and list the beliefs that shape your outlook on life?  Well I tried, and here's what I came up with:

I believe...
  • you are first and foremost a human being.  Every other title you have is temporary and secondary.
  • you are influencing people, for better or worse, when you don't even know it.
  • people who are mean, cruel, or arrogant actually have very low self esteem.
  • the world would be a better place if we focused on our similarities rather than our differences.
  • there is a higher power that, regardless of what you call it, unites us all.
  • that from a moral, religious, environmental, & humane standpoint, humans in an advanced society have no reason to eat animals.
  • we should not assign value to another living creature or nature based on its usefulness or utility for us.
  • physical activity makes us stronger physically and emotionally.
  • everyone should watch a toddler run and try to mimic it.
  • you can find out a lot about yourself by taking a trip alone, especially to another country.
  • one of the best ways to cheer yourself up is to listen to the genuine, unfiltered laughter of a small child
  • it really is the little things - both good and bad - that make a difference.
  • true love is not an urban myth. 
  • everyone should volunteer at some point in their lives. 
  • as my mother says, in any bad situation, you can say "If this is the worst thing that happens to me, I'll probably be ok."
  • as my grandpa used to say, "all you gotta do is look around and there will be somebody who has it worse than you do."
  • as my uncle used to say, "It is what it is."
  • and finally, you really do get what you wish for, even if it's not in a form that you recognize.

 I'd love to hear some of your beliefs...what beliefs shape your life and your actions?

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