Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Great Program for Switching to a Plant-Based Diet

I know a couple of you out there have been trying or wanting to switch over to a plant-based diet.  Well here's your chance to get a jump on your fitness for the new year with a plant-based diet.  If you can do one thing for yourself and for me (because I want to see you healthier), pay attention to this and sign up for what I'm recommending...

As I mentioned in Part 2 of my series on why I became a vegan, Brenda Brazier (vegan Ironman) and his Thrive series of books played a big role in my decision to go from vegetarian to vegan.  I've read his Thrive nutrition and fitness books and been meaning to check out his Zon fitness videos (which I hope to do and write about later).  Although some of his Thrive recipes can be a bit involved, a lot of them are easy and delicious.  He doesn't rely on soy-based protein (which I'm not a fan of either) and he focuses on combinations of plant-based foods that optimize the foods' nutritional value and your physical performance.

As much as I love the Thrive books, I love even more Brazier's Vega Sport line...and I'm not just saying that because I'm a vegan.  Even happy omnivores that I know love this line.  The protein bars are addictive.  The endurance bars I ate during Ironman Arizona.  The pre-workout energizer is delicious.  I even like the endurance gel and I'm not usually a gel fan, but this one isn't sugary and doesn't make me want to gag.  And his Vega Sport protein powders are good as well.  (Some of Brazier's other plant-based protein powders in his other lines are too "planty" for me).

So as I've followed Brazier and his work, I was thrilled this morning to see that he's launching a new program in January 2013:  Thrive Forward.  If you have been wanting to switch to a plant-based diet, this will be the program you want to try.

The Thrive Forward program is designed to provide you a free personalized on-line guide to help you transform your health through a plant-based diet.  The program will customize wellness topics just for you according to what you're interested in:  energy, body composition (I like how he doesn't say "weight loss"), stress, libido (oh yeah!), mood, or how to eat more sustainably.

Although the program doesn't start until January 2013, you can get a free preview right now!  Go to the Thrive Forward link, watch the video, and sign up for your free e-book preview.  Even this free e-book preview is packed with great information like:  

  • smoothie recipes; 
  • what foods to buy in organic form; 
  • staple foods you need and where they fall on the nutritional pyramid (and not the lobbyist-back nutritional pyramid from USDA!); 
  • where you can get good carbs; 
  • awesome suggestions for protein sources (like what legumes, seeds, nuts, and pseudograins to eat); 
  • 5 ways to boost your energy; and
  • 5-day nutritional and wellness self-assessment journal so you have a baseline and know the areas where you need to improve.  
This is all contained in the free e-book.  Imagine what's going to come with the full program in 2013!  

I have to say that I don't get any benefit from recommending this.  Brenda Brazier doesn't even know who the hell I am.  I'm recommending this because I've followed him for years, I love what he's done, I've read his other books, and I use his products.  So I believe that this Thrive Forward program will be a good starting block for beginning plant-based folks, for old-timers like me, and even for folks who just want to step-up their nutritional fitness...

Please, please check this out and let me know what you think....

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