Sunday, October 7, 2012

PIT STOP: I'm Still Here...5 Quick Randoms...

Hey all...Just a quick note to say 5 quick things:

  1. I hope y'all are at or nearing the end of your racing seasons and that you had an awesome year!  Use this cooler weather to start ratcheting back and entering the off-season - which doesn't mean to be sedentary! 
  2. I've been pretty silent lately because I'm still trying to get my feet under me.  Haven't quite had the motivation to sit and write blogs, even though I feel I "should."  What this time has taught is that every time I say I "should," I probably need to be re-thinking my priorities.   There are lots of things on a consistent basis that we do because we think we "should" and it ends up adding a lot of stress.  We either need to eliminate the "should" in our life, or change our mentality about what we think we "should" do and try to make it something we "want" to do.  
  3. I recently adopted a new dog!  And what a difference she's made.  Her name is Addie and she's a 6-year-old pit mix.  I adopted her from the Stafford County Animal Shelter, which has to euthanize for space.  So she was 6th on the "all dogs go to Heaven" list.  But I saved her and, in the process, gave some breathing room to other poor souls on the list.  October is adopt a shelter pet month, so if you've been thinking about it, there's no better time! And what a great way to do something great for another living being, in addition to adding some love and laughs to your household!  I've also created a Facebook page for Addie and will soon have a blog for her to spread information about how wonderful and misunderstood pitbulls are, and provide other dog-friendly advice/education.  Stay tuned for her blog, but her Facebook page (where she already has 1/2 as many friends as I do!) is
  4. I've been doing physical therapy for my knee issues that started earlier this year.  I think it's helping and would probably help more if I actually did the exercises every day like I'm supposed to!  But I did a 5k last weekend and it was my 2nd best 5k time ever, so hopefully that's a good sign!  One of the blogs I do want to do is about the exercises I've been using, so stayed tuned for this as well...
  5. A friend of mine completed the Grindstone 100-mile trail run this weekend (which was actually 102 miles!).  It took her 36.5 hours, over 2 nites, through some very grueling terrain.  I don't know how she did it!  In my mind, she's a true champion.  One definition of "champion" is a fighter or warrior.  She's also a Goddess - one who's admired and idolized and is a symbol of grace and beauty.  It's made me think about what goals I want to set to show off my Warrior Goddess.  Now that the race season is winding down, it's the perfect time to start thinking about your goals for next year so that you can plan your off-season accordingly.  
That's all for now...hopefully I'll be back soon...In the meantime, here are some questions and a picture of Addie: 

Addie is a 61-lb lap dog and total goofball...I'm so lucky to have found her!
1.  How was your race season?  What was your best race and why? 
2.  In what ways do you "should" yourself into doing things?  Are there "shoulds" that you could either eliminate or try to change to "wants?"
3.  Have you ever adopted a shelter pet?  Share pics if you have them!
4.  Have you suffered any injuries this season?  Have you recovered from them and, if so, how?
5.  What goals have you accomplished or can you set for yourself for next year to show your Warrior Goddess or Warrior God qualities? 


Jen said...

1. Race season isn't over for me, just one left, a half later this month. I'm looking forward to it a great deal.

2. Sometimes I "should" all over myself. I've been giving this a bit of thought myself recently and have been trying to change the should on weight loss to want. I seem to have lost my "umpf" recently.

3. I adopted a pitbull/labrador mix years ago. I loved her with my whole heart. She was wonderful. I miss her a lot.

4. I am recovering from some wicked Plantar Fasciitis in my left heel/foot. I have been going to a chiropractor who is also a physical therapist. He is helping me exercise and work my way through it. I took about a month off running and am getting progressively more serious about cross training to help prevent this from getting worse or happening again.

5. Goals... I'm still considering these. From a fitness perspective, I think I'm going to make one of my goals to attempt a sprint tri. I really want to move into triathlon, so this would be a good way to start and wouldn't require a lot more time commitment than I already give to fitness. With school, I have to be careful what I take on.

Life Through Endurance said...

Hey Jen! Great to hear from you! Love the "should" all over myself (were you a Sex and the City fan?? She used that in there too and I loved it!). It's so wonderful to hear that you had a pit/lab mix (which I heard someone recently call a PiLab)! Addie is the best...
I really hope that the PF is under control. My boyfriend had it and it wasn't fun! I'd be interested in how you're fixing it or have fixed it. Maybe you'd be interested in a guest blog post?
And if you want to move into tri's let me know...that's on my list of blogs - how to transition into tri's.