Friday, August 10, 2012

TRANSITION AREA: The Daily Mile - Workout Logs to Make You Smile

I know what you're going to say:  "In this world of social media sites, technology, Twitter, and a million online workout logs, are you really going to recommend another one to add to the list?"  Why, yes I am!

Believe me, I'm as bogged down as the next person by the blizzard of social media sites and online workout logs.  So when something in that vein actually grabs my attention, I think it's worth mentioning.

Recently, one of my Facebook page followers recommended that I try Daily Mile to log my workouts.

I'd actually started a Daily Mile account awhile back because another friend recommended it to me; but then I never really logged in any workouts because I had enough on my plate with trying to log my Ironman training into Addaero for my coach. Now that things have slowed down as far as training goes, however, I thought now was the perfect time to re-visit Daily Mile.  And I'm glad I did....

If you want to find a community of runners, triathletes, or cyclists, where you can collect friends like you do on Facebook, and share funny workout stories, stats, and accomplishments, then Daily Mile is for you.  It's a great way to have a fitness-specific social media connection.  It can even help you find training partners and workout routes in your area.  You can also post pictures from your run or ride, and entertain your friends with anecdotes about your workouts.  (The Daily Mile even has recommendations for the Funniest Triathletes to follow).  Plus, if you have a Garmin on Nike pod, you can sync the results with your Daily Mile page.

So while yes, it's yet another social media site, it's fun and allows you to connect with similarly-minded individuals who share your fitness goals.  (And if you have social media ADD, you can sync your Daily Mile account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can blast your workouts to your entire universe in one simple click! Because, you know, one social media site just isn't enough!)

If you end up trying it out or are already on Daily Mile, you can find my page under Lifethruendure -

What do you use to log your workouts?  Or are you saying to yourself right now "log my workouts??" 


Jen said...

I use Garmin Connect and a spreadsheet. I'm a super Introvert and the thought of sharing my workouts with others makes me cringe, but I do like tracking it. Garmin Connect lets me see the workout or review it against others after I've picked up a theme from my spreadsheet. I keep my personal notes in the spreadsheet, such as "shorts banding started to chafe after mile 5" or I was able to figure out when my heel started bugging me by scrolling through that. I like all the numbers crunching, but I'm just now (2 years in) starting to really think of the data in terms of helping me improve my training as a whole.

Life Through Endurance said...

Hey mother would love your spreadsheet! She was an Excel whiz! It's great you track your gives such a good picture of your progress, good days, bad days, what works, what doesn't...keep it up! And FWIW - you don't HAVE to share workouts on Daily Mile (except w/ me of course!)