Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Diagnosis Pneumonia....

Hey everyone...I hope that you had a good Easter and Passover.  Just an update on my MIA status.  After very little improvement last week and a persistent fever, I went back to the doctor on Saturday and they said that I actually have pneumonia.  Ugh - how old am I??  Anyway, they gave me some meds that I just finished today and I've been improving a little bit each day.  Unfortunately I had to go to work on Tuesday to file the brief that I blame for making me sick, and I think that all the activity kinda took its toll because today I'm pretty weak and tired.  So I've just been hanging out on the couch today, sleeping a lot.  But I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll see a big improvement!  Fingers crossed!  

If you've been sick or injured for a significant period of time, you know how stir-crazy you can get, especially if you're used to a pretty active lifestyle.  I've watched all the movies and On-Demand t.v. series that I care to watch.  Fortunately though, I've actually been able to watch some Cubs games, which I really missed last year.  (Unfortunately not much as changed because they still stink).  My house is a disaster.  There are about six loads of laundry to fold.  And as much as I love the vegetable soup that I make, I'm sick of eating it every day and need to find something else to make.

On top of that, the really bad news is that apparently this takes awhile to recover from, so I don't even think I'll be able to start my workouts back at square 1.  I may have to start at square 0...according the doctor I'm supposed to start back to physical activity by walking.  Huh?  What's that?  She said that my body right now is fighting so hard for oxygen, that I don't want to do anything that demands a considerable amount of oxygen or that dehydrates me.  So the good lord is gonna need to place a heavy hand on me to hold me back because at this point I'm so sick of feeling like an unhealthy weakling that all I want to do is bust out for a run or bike ride.  Given that going up my stairs is a chore, however, that's probably not wise.  So I'll need to totally re-vamp my well-thought-out periodized workout plan that'd I'd engineered a couple weeks ago.  I have an Olympic triathlon on July 7th, which is plenty of time.  Unfortunately I was considering signing up for one on June 2nd too, so I may need to re-think that one.  

Anyway, enough whining.  Although I haven't been writing, I've been thinking of blog ideas.  Among them so far are:  (1) how to transition to a vegan lifestyle (a topic that several friends have requested that I write about), (2) my journey to a minimalism (in running and life), and (3) how to revamp your workout after an injury or illness (wonder what prompted that idea?).  

I command of each of you to swim, run, or bike a little extra distance for me over the next couple weeks!  Maybe I can absorb fitness through online osmosis.  

Hopefully in the next few days I'll have a post out...

What's been the worst injury or illness that you've had to rebound from and how'd you do it? 

How have your workouts been going the past couple weeks? 

Any blog ideas you'd like me think about? 


Jen said...

Recovering from the C-section was a challenge. I'm also just now (years later) starting to focus on my core more. I should have prepared my body better.

I'd like you to write more about fueling yourself as a vegetarian athlete. What are some of your typical meals, especially while training hard.

P.S., I hope you can feel better and be on your feet soon.

Life Through Endurance said...

Hey Jen!! I'm finally back from the abyss! Thanks so much for your comment. What an inspiration you and all women are who've had kids! I can't begin to fathom how hard it is to get your body to rebound from that. I'm also wanting to get my core into better shape, so I'm going to be doing some research on that. Also, some other friends have asked me about transitioning to a veg diet and how to do it for endurance sports, so I'm definitely going to be exploring those topics. It's good to feel human again!!